API developmentHelp your businesses facilitate cooperation and data sharing of your custom apps with each other or with third-party apps.

Plan an API that perfectly corresponds to your business needs and goals and brings max revenue.


Ease of use

For external developers to better understand, use and integrate APIs we deliver, we provide comprehensive, structured API documentation, envisage informative error messages and secure high API availability.

Risk-based approach

We envisage human intervention for approval and correction of high-risk API operations (e.g., when a purchase order exceeds the threshold), as well as ensure complete manual processing for the operations transactions that cannot be safely standardized.

High reliability and stability

We embed a capability for performance monitoring and management in the API solution architecture to take care of performance spikes and issues without disruptions and slowdowns in your critical business processes.

ROI-driven design

Our BAs consider API features and business processes together to ensure the max ROI of APIs we deliver.

Incremental development

We follow an evolutionary approach to API development and let API functionality evolve safely.
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