Code Quality AssessmentsCode review is not about making the code better,
but your product better.

Benefits of Code ReviewsWhy Having Quality Code Matters

Implementing technical and cultural measures in delivering high-quality code has everlasting benefits. They all impact product success, software quality, and longevity including labor costs and time to market. Streamline the development process, up your quality standards, and improve code analysis to further enhance future projects.

Product Confidence & Reputation
High-quality code (safe, secure, reliable, and so on) will perform to or exceed your customers’ expectations. Not only will it instill trust and confidence that your organization runs a sound business, but that you deliver quality products and it’s not worth the risk of going elsewhere.
Promotes Reuse
Code that is safe, secure, reliable, and of quality should be considered for reuse, especially if it was written with portability in mind. This will cut your development and testing costs dramatically in future products.
Diminishes Technical Debt
Implementing code quality procedures like code reviews, static analysis, unit testing, code coverage, and more will reduce the amount of rework and costs (technical debt).
Increases Product Longevity
Good code that’s not just well architected but also well implemented can be easily and quickly enhanced with new capabilities or new features. This gives longevity and opportunities for ongoing revenue gains — no matter what algorithm changes or technology updates might occur.
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