Performance Assessment & RedesignRaise your level of performance
to meet your expectations.

Key components
for higher performance

Performance, in our opinion, should originate from your application before your infrastructure. With this method, horizontal scaling is a simple and cost-effective option. So before we suggest updating your infrastructure, we first concentrate on the system’s design.

We understand that the first critical aspect of performance is how your code is written. We begin by analyzing your entire code base and looking for simple performance improvements. Later, we perform a more thorough passthrough to identify the more difficult issues.
Most database designs are based on theoretical models rather than how the application behaves. We look to optimize queries, indexes, query plans, and so on, but also how the application interacts with the data.
Asynchronous communication
When the limits of your code and database are reached, we look to your architecture to make it more decoupled and asynchronous.
This will allow you to scale for a higher volume of traffic.
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